a family-friendly card game

build food chains and protect Arctic animals


  • Fun.  A fun way to learn about ecosystems and climate change.
  • Educational.  Designed and vetted by scientists.
  • Convenient. Each game takes 20 minutes to play — great for home, school or family game night!
  • Easy to Play.  Learn to play in just 10-15 minutes!

for educators

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards — and incredibly fun.  Players might not even realize that they are learning about science and ecosystems!

for parents

Winner of the Parents’ Choice Approved Award, EcoChains: Arctic Life is family friendly and great for parents to play with kids!

how to buy

You can buy the game now on Amazon.  Contact us for more information on classroom packs and educator discounts!

How to Play

Players build food chains of Arctic wildlife, and must strategize how to migrate species when their sea ice melts!

1. Connect predators to prey to build food chains

food chain

A food chain of 5 species cards. Icons on the bottom of each card show possible food sources. Sea ice cards form the base of the food chain.

2. Carbon pollution melts sea ice, which may disrupt food chains


Carbon pollution and other event cards disrupt ecosystems.  Experience the effects firsthand.

3. Animals must try to migrate a different food chain to survive


Migrate your animal to try to keep it alive.  For every animal that survives, you get 1 point.  The player who keeps the most animals alive wins!


“EcoChains is uniquely engaging in the way it builds an understanding of, and empathy for, the life webs of the Arctic that are unraveling with climate change.”  -Ken Eklund, Game Designer of FutureCoast and World Without Oil

How to Buy

The game is available for sale as classroom sets.

Special offer for educators: Buy 6 or more decks and get 10% off your order! Enter code ECOTEACH at checkout.

For bulk orders, please email jogolabs@gmail.com